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Music therapy is the therapeutic use of music to help people optimise their health and wellbeing, using both the diverse qualities of music and the therapeutic relationship between the therapist and the person.

Humans have an innate connection with music. Professional ethical music therapists using evidence based practice can help apply this connection to relieve the symptoms and burdens of a wide range of conditions.

Music therapy has been shown to benefit people experiencing mental health, behavioural problems and a range of phychological disorders. It can be beneficial in supporting infant and child development, promoting stronger parent-child bonding, and assisting with dementia and palliative care.

Music therapy strategies and techniques include songwriting and singing, playing instruments, recording and performing music. Specific programs are designed to meet the personal needs of individuals, responding to and making use of each person's connection with music.

Using music to improve your health or wellbeing

How can music therapy help?
  • Clinical Supervision

  • Adults with Disabilities 

Areas of Practice:


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Bec Watt, Registered Music Therapist

Bec is a Registered Music Therapist with a background as a Registered Nurse and a jazz performer. 

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